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Music: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 'Hyrulian Highlands' by Gamer Symphony Orchestra

There could be guides as well to more advanced designs with pitch control, or just this expanded to include interplanetary maneuvers.

Annotations with tips are up! Here is a list (from when annotations weren't working): 0:07 Just copy "Ships" from the ZIP file to your base folder to access the example airships here. 0:13 I always recommend testing your (or my) airship design before flying it to another planet! Here I set the buoyancy to full on (on the right) and drag the final release stages to the bottom (on the left). 0:24 Set the Altitude Control to a slight descent by clicking "-" or holding "--" and extend the KAS anchor to softly land. Both controls can be accessed by right clicking or setting action keys in the VAB / SPH. 0:44 After a test you can quickly revert back to building or take your real flight! 0:49 See how the "Buoyancy - Weight" is negative here, it would never float. Duna has a VERY thin atmosphere. Without more or larger envelopes you have to aim for terrain with a lower altitude where the air is denser. 1:01 Right click an envelope and click "Toggle GUI" to hide or unhide that info. Cleans your screen during interplanetary travel! 1:08 You NEED to have the solar panel open as soon as you get in space or your ASAS will run out of energy and leave you spinning! We close it here protect it against the rentry effects. 1:14 Once the buoyancy is set to more than 0, the balloon will automatically deploy once it is deep enough in the atmosphere. 1:19 Use any remaining fuel to reduce your vertical velocity. The air is so thin! 1:26 Drop the rockets once spent. There is no way this envelope can lift that much weight on Duna. 1:38 We run out of energy and start to lose control. Luckily, we are going slow enough here that we can re-open the solar panels! 2:10 Congratulations, you have anchored on Duna!

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