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Mission to Mars

Mars Solar-Electric Airship

Animated models were requested from near the beginning.  There are real-world proposals of such ships, like the Mars Soar-Electric Airship.  However, how to put this in KSP?  Animated models cannot have other parts attached to them, which goes entirely against KSP's fun building core.


SkyLifter in SkyCrane form

The answer came in the shape of the SkyLifter.  Unfortunately, the original person who proposed this was lost in a forum crash, but he proposed an inflatable parachute.  This became the Una.  RoboRay soon requested a larger version of the envelope.  Due to his many cool airship designs and missions, this envelope was named Ray in his honor.

Hydrogenase pl05

Hydrogenase Organic Airship

There continued to be calls for an even larger deployable envelope with minimal drag.  This lead to the development of the Cirrus.  After considering many different designs, Hooligan Labs settled on the Hydrogenase for its sleek shape.  It fit well with a single point of contact design like the Una or Ray.