Do I need the module manager to install?Edit

No, just copy the contents of the folder in the zip to your Kerbal Space Program folder.  The same level as you see GameData, Ships, etc. We have heard that ModuleManager may not work with this mod anyway.

How much lift is each envelope capable of?Edit

Depends on what planet you are on and how high you are.  See Airship Lift Tables.

How do I move around once I am in the air?Edit

Any kind of rocket or other propulsive device should work fine!  We highly recommend the Firespitter mod for its electric propellers and precision air thrusters.

How do I save my ship in midflight?Edit

We suggest that you try looking into the KAS mod for its anchors and grappling hooks.

Can you provide more help?Edit

Try the Submarine F.A.Q., it has similar controls...  But airships envelopes never fill with ballast!  They only become more buyoant.

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